About Us

Our Mission

Upwild is made for anyone looking to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Our mission is to support your fitness goals with wholesome ingredients that you can feel good about. We are certified organic, 100% plant-based, and all-natural – nothing artificial goes into what we make. Our products focus on delivering complete plant-proteins, superfoods, and probiotics; all the good stuff, because that’s what your body deserves.

Our Team

Upwild is run by a brother-sister duo who come from a family of fitness enthusiasts and wellness advocates. With triathletes, marathon runners, Crossfitters and a professional women's hockey player, their family values are centered on principles of health and performance. Frustrated by the lack of sports beverages available that met their standards on honest, clean nutrition, they created Upwild; a line of family-approved products committed to the joint pursuit of health and wellness.

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