6 Tips for Getting Back Into Your Fall Routine

6 Tips for Getting Back Into Your Fall Routine

The summer season is winding down and fall is just around the corner. As we bid farewell to the laidback, carefree days of summer, many of us may find ourselves struggling to ease back into a fall routine. But fret not. Whether it’s carving out “me” time in your busy schedule for some self-care rituals or adopting new fall habits, the arrival of sweater weather marks the opportunity for a fresh fall beginning.

Here are 6 tips from The Upwild Team to help you get into your fall groove.

#1 Start Fresh

The beginning of a new season is always an ideal time to turn inward for some quality self-reflection. Reassess your New Year’s resolutions and goals and take stock of where you are now. Set new intentions or recommit yourself to your current ones. Create reasonable action steps you can take to help you reach these goals before the holidays roll around all too quickly.

#2 Eat for the Seasons

During the hot summer months, our bodies crave raw, cooling foods -- refreshing salads, fresh fruit -- to help keep our body temperatures down in the heat and stifling humidity. However, during the fall months, the temperatures start to drop and our bodies crave hearty, comfort fare. Visit your community’s local farmers market and browse the vendors to pick out the freshest fall produce. Some of our favorite fall foods include: acorn squash, apples, and root vegetables such as beets, carrots, ginger, pumpkins, squash and turnips.

Tip: Spice up your home cooking this fall with warming spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

#3 Stock Up on Snacks

Returning to a more structured fall schedule means you need to properly fuel for your busy calendar. Some easy snack ideas include:

  • A hearty homemade coconut granola (stay tuned for the recipe)
  • Exotic nut mixes (mix it up with unusual combos like baru nuts with sesame seeds or walnuts with mesquite-roasted coconut flakes)
  • Dehydrated apple slices tossed with cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Vegetable sticks with a spicy homemade tahini
  • Your favorite protein bar (we are obsessed with Perfect Bar)
  • Or grab yourself a great protein shake

#4 Start Slow Cooking

After a long day, we know how difficult it can be to motivate to make a healthy homemade dinner. So do yourself a favor and bust out the slow cooker. Browse your favorite slow cooker recipes, prep your food in the evening then before you head out the next day, simply turn on your slow cooker so you can arrive home to a delicious home-cooked meal. Here are some slow cooker recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

#5 Work It Out

Don’t let the cooler fall temperatures or a busy travel schedule derail your daily workouts. Head out first thing in the morning for a brisk walk around your neighborhood, take a bike to or from work, hit the gym for a class with your friends or complete an at-home workout. Trust us; you’ll be thankful that the heat of summer is a thing of the past. And don’t forget to properly refuel after your workout!

#6 Go to Bed Earlier

As the sun starts to set earlier in the evening sky, embrace the shorter days and longer nights by getting to bed early. We could all use some more sleep, so take advantage of the cozier weather and catch up on some shut eye.

Remember to tag us @drinkupwild so we can see how you transition from the summer months to fall with your own fall routine!

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